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Christmas Cup Surprise Win By the 9th Grade!

It's always fun when the underdog wins...and 9th graders did just that as they won the Christmas Cup at the Nazareth Baptist School! I organized a little tournament before the holiday break at school hoping to provide some fun for the students. I'm also hope it will be a catalyst and create some interest in a weekly after school soccer program I will start when the new year begins.

The weather was supposed to be stormy and rainy all morning but instead of canceling the soccer games, I decided I can at least show up and hang out with students during the time the was allotted. Thankfully the rain held off until the very end of the tournament as the 9th grade team scored the golden goal in the final!

This event meant a lot to me in a few ways. First, since I lived in the United States during the first 2 years of Covid, most of the kids at school I knew had graduated or are about to. When I visit the school, I sometimes become anxious because I do not know as many kids and have to put in the work to initiate some new relationships. Second, it gave me strength to not see the weather as an obstacle that could ruin everything, but instead I decided to show up no matter what because of my desire for these students to hear about and experience the love God has for them. Third and finally, to put on a program that relates to doing something I love and what my work is all about, ministry through sport. I believe that whatever place God has put you and I, we have the ability to love others intentionally. And for me, it is an added bonus when these relationships grow around a fun activity like playing soccer.

Some great advice I have received through my years of ministry is to "just show up" and see what God will do with that time.

A very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


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