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As work begins in the Holy Land to use sports as a tool for outreach and sharing the gospel, these are some things I am working towards. It will take time to build the foundation for something worthwhile and sustainable but I'm committed and trusting God in the process.

Image by Jeffrey F Lin

Find and Train Leaders

We cannot do life alone and we are not meant to! The first step will be to connect with local believers who have a heart for outreach and maybe a love for soccer (football). Leaders/coaches are the ones who can make lasting impact in the lives of the next generation. 

Cornet Shot

Church League

Soccer being so popular here can be a great tool to get kids involved and provide a space to have some fun. Coaching is all done through the lens of The Gospel and to have consistent times for churches to come together will help promote UNITY. 

Image by Adrià Crehuet Cano

School League

School sports teams in the United States provide opportunities a great atmosphere and celebrating your peers. There is very little like that here in Nazareth but I hope to help create a new way for students to have fun and take pride in their school. 

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